Forged Flanges & Hubs

Nockers Engineering Products supply forged flanges and hubs from Forge Fedriga, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialised forgings. Produced in a variety of sizes and materials, our range of forged flanges are ordered both in South Africa and internationally by the oil and gas, petrochemical, renewable energy, pharmaceutical industries and more. 

Forged flanges are a vital connection component for valves, pumps, pipes and other equipment in order to form a complete pipework system. The high quality forged flanges and hubs offered by the team at Nockers will ensure your engineers have easy access to your pipework system for inspection, cleaning, repairs and modification work. 

Our forged flanges and hubs

Manufactured in a variety of materials, you can rest assured you’ll find the forged flanges you need. 

Steel families

Max. raw weight (kg)



Low alloys


High alloys










Nickel alloys



Why choose Nockers Engineering Products for your forged flanges?

At Nockers, we only supply high quality specialised forgings that are ISO 9001, OHAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you can expect a product that lasts. We’re dedicated to helping companies find forged flanges and hubs that meet all your needs and technical specifications, and our team are on hand to advise you exactly what you need from your specialised forgings. 

For more information about our Forge Fedriga forged flanges in South Africa and beyond, don’t hesitate to call +27 11 447 8562 or get in touch online.

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