Wire Products


Wire Products

Wire Products are wires that are further finished into a different form, for example are stranded or braided, or are made into a specific finished product such as mesh or insulated wire.

NOCKERS ENGINEERING PRODUCTS supplies finished products to supplement the ranges offered by customers who themselves only produce a limited range due to capacity or other constraints.

Enquire about our Wire Products

We are generally able to supply any industrial wire material including those in the list below:

  • Furnace wire belts
  • High temperature electric cables
  • Knitted mesh and demister pads
  • Prestressed concrete (PC) strands
  • Resistance wire heating pads
  • Stainless steel cable & strand
  • Stainless steel knitted mesh electrowinning cathodes
  • Stainless steel wire conveyor belts
  • Stainless steel wire mesh
  • Thermocouple cables
  • Wicket wire
  • Wire strand ceramic blankets
  • Wire wound resistor ceramic supports

Whether you require wire as a raw material or something made from wire, We can help you!