Static Castings


Static Castings

Our principals produce sand castings for the world’s major valve and pump manufacturers; for metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical industry furnaces, for fittings’ manufacturers and users of general purpose cast items.

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Extreme care and knowledge of metallurgy and the melting process leads to the production of tailored castings with the best performances and quality levels.

Our principals are equipped for the production of medium size castings, with unitary weights from 5kg to 7000kg and linear dimensions up to 3m.

Valve Castings

Ball, gate, globe, check, sliding gate, butterfly, control type, plug, cryogenic, strainer and level check valves.

Pump Castings

Centrifugal, axial and vertical, pumps, multi-stage pumps for oil and gas and energy industries, re-circulating pumps, rotary and metering pumps, pumps for special applications.

Furnace Parts

Cast components for heating and galvanising furnace rolls, mixing arms for pyrometallurgy, cast plates and mixing blades for cement furnaces, cast plates for waste incineration furnaces, tube sheets, hangers, supports and fittings for petrochemical furnaces.

General Purpose Cast Items

Realization of special alloys castings with all geometries, only limited by the designer’s imagination.

For more detailed information and a full list of alloy materials cast, including licenced special alloys, referĀ

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