Flux Cored Wire


Flux Cored Wire

NOCKERS ENGINEERING PRODUCTS is proud to distribute KISWEL Flux Cored Wires in sub-Saharan Africa.

KISWEL is part of the KISWIRE Group in Korea with its head office in Seoul and manufacturing plants in Changwon, Pohang and Busan. It also has plants in Dalian, China; Johor, Malaysia; Kentucky, USA and Luxembourg.

KISWEL produces more than 250,000 MT of welding consumables annually with Flux Cored Wires (FCW) becoming a more and more important component.

Flux cored wires are being increasingly favoured for ship building, ocean plant, heavy construction, bridge building, pressure vessels, containers and automobile exhaust systems.

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NOCKERS ENGINEERING PRODUCTS offer a wide range of welding wire

  • For high tensile strength steel (430–490MPa)
  • Self-shielded FCW for high tensile strength steel (490MPa)
  • For high tensile strength steel (520MPa)
  • For very high tensile strength steel (560-1000MPa)
  • For low temperature service steel
  • For Electro Gas welding
  • For atmospheric corrosion resisting steel
  • For 490MPa corrosion resisting steel against sulphuric acid
  • For heat-resisting steel
  • For hard facing
  • For stainless steel

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